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Our Mission

To produce healthful bakery products for the community; to uphold the art and craft of bread making; and to continually improve on our business to benefit our customers and the community.
The Bread Stop Bakery Team

We are a diverse group of 20+ hard-working individuals who come from different parts of the country, and enjoy a wide variety of music, food, recreation, and leisure activities. Some of us have been with the bakery for 20 years, while others are new to the crew. Together we produce and deliver thousands of loaves of bread each week.

David O'Grady

Owner David O'Grady began his career at The Bread Stop Bakery in 1994 working for the original owner. He started in the packaging unit and later joined the production team where he discovered a love for baking bread and its unique chemistry and simplicity. In 2007 he purchased The Bread Stop from the bakery's second owner. Today David spends much of his time in the business office, maintaining the bakery facility, overseeing daily operations and keeping relationships with other local businesses. Occasionally you might find him near the ovens, covered in flour and doing what he loves best about the bakery: making bread.

Kent Wise

Kent Wise leads our production team. Kent is no new face to the bakery. Having also worked under the original bakery owner, he has honed his skill of bread making for over 20 years and is The Bread Stop's most skilled and experienced baker. He leads the production unit and teaches the art of bread making to new staff on his team. You can find Kent at the dough mixer in the early mornings, setting the stage for the day's operations.

Chelsea Lee joined the bakery in 2015. She juggles the many tasks required to run the bakery's business office. She is the friendly voice that greets you on the phone, and the smile that meets you at the office door. Chelsea is at the helm in the business office and also floats through every area of the bakery to keep the production, packaging and distribution teams connected and moving along smoothly.

Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team? Fill out an application and visit or call us 541-345-4338